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Efficiently managing the enterprise life cycle is critical for organizations. However, in many organizations processes are handled through a combination of legacy systems, manual processes, spreadsheets, documents, and files. This leads to inefficiencies in supporting  activities and limits resolution visibility for stakeholders

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We specialize in building innovative business applications across a range of industries, including Legal, Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, and Government sectors. By partnering with industry leading enterprise grade technology platforms we help our customers unify resources, people & bots, processes and data to drive digital transformation.

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Built to keep pace in a rapidly evolving technological landscape

Inteligent Case Management

Lowcodeminds presents Intelligent Case Management Solution. An AI–enabled, innovative low-code solution, built without limits, without compromise and engineered to be future proof and digitally resilient for today’s rapidly changing world.

Debt & Asset Recovery

Lowcodeminds Debt recovery is a low-code application that focusses on business process automation of small and large debt recovery. 

The solution improves productivity with its automatic and dynamic document generation including claim forms, bulk upload of the debtors ensuring little, or no manual intervention is required and seamless orchestration of the interdependent process like letter before action, promise to pay, litigation and settlements, making it an ecosystem which improves time to speed from case inception to recoveries.


Conveyancing is an intuitive low-code and workflow application allowing seller's and buyer's to efficiently manage the process

Conveyancing is an intuitive and smart low-code application allowing seller's and buyer's conveyancers to manage and focus the the complexities of the seller journey and potentially buyer journey.

Enabling lawyers to capture right details at the right time with automatic and dynamic document generation to identify any bottlenecks much early in the life cycle and reduce any abortive sales and reduce the turnaround time.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC is a dynamic intelligent customer due diligence workflow to onboard the clients using efficient and quick identity verification

KYC is a dynamic intelligent customer due diligence workflow that will help to onboard clients using efficient and quick identity verification, conflict checks, dynamic and smart questionnaire, and client care documentation with complete awareness of risk assessment.

Dynamic Doc Gen

Low-code solution that solves the documentation assembly challenges in the legal industry

Legal industry users need a tool to create templates for all standard agreements like Non-Disclosure, Partnership, Lease or Rental Deed, etc., and generate final agreements on the fly based on the data in the system saving time and eliminating chances of any manual errors​


DocGen module can used as standalone or integrated with existing low-code solutions to standardized template creation and management that can be used by various clients and cases, eliminating any redundancies, enabling clients to save time and reduce costs.

Tower Management 

In today's hyper-connected world, efficient telecom tower and site management is critical to reduce time-consumption, expenses and errors when managing a complex network of site

Lowcodeminds Tower & Site Management Solution is built on an Industry Leading Low-code Workflow Platform. We Empower tower companies and operators who have site operations in multiple countries with a comprehensive tool to streamline operations, reduce costs & gain better visibility.

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